Starbucks and Concur Build a Bridge


Business expenses &  Mobile Rewards..,Sounds Good! Mobile Market Review redistributes,aggregates and credits sources. We pick top line news items to share with you! In the Post below; Mobile Market Review continues to have confidence in Starbucks commitment to mobile marketing strategy initiatives. Starbucks set the bar high for its competitors.  Developing the relationship and business rewards strategy program is a triumphant innovation in this space.  Just bop into any Starbucks … [Read more...]

Mobile Business Traveler Profile & Infographic


The Modern Mobile Business Traveler Media Crush posted a great post on the modern mobile business traveler complete with a fantastic infographic. The post was written by Megan Ritter. Here is a portion of the article: On The Road Again With the reduced costs of doing business in other places—it can be in other states or even countries—businesses are expanding into new markets. To establish themselves in these new markets, where labor costs might be lower and business regulations … [Read more...]

Google Wallet – What’s Next?

Google Wallet

NFC, Mobile Payment Gateways and the slow death of Retail APPs? One of the topics for tomorrows Google annual developers conference will most assuredly be Google Wallet. Care to guess where the head of Google Wallet is heading?   They have scrapped the physical card….and just what opportunity is Osama Bedier ( head of Google Wallet) off to pursue? The competition in mobile payment space is growing every day and with NFC ( near field communication) growing and trending ( slowly ) in US … [Read more...]

Mobile Payments Business Road Map…


Still Breaking Ground on New Inroads -Aggregated, Curated and Sourced for you! Commentary: The mobile payment gateway "disruption" mentioned on the Mobile Commerce Daily article below has been well underway and  disrupting for quite some time.  What is evident and agreed on is that these payment and wallet type services are going to continue to evolve.  Some of the new tech players who have entered the space with positive results are LevelUp, Square and Google Wallet- Depending on which … [Read more...]

25 Mobile Marketing Satistics

Smart Media Tips

25 Mobile Marketing Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind Companies really need to start embracing the power of mobile advertising. Smartphone and tablet use are on the rise, and mobile is proving to be the best way to reach customers and get them to take action. Plus, since most consumers are using smartphone and tablets, they’re able to gain more information while on the go, allowing them to make smarter purchasing decisions. If your company has still not implemented a mobile … [Read more...]

Mobile Marketing Infographic

Mobile Marketing Statistics

Why Mobile Marketing is So Important Posted by Joe Schwartz | Courtesy of: Microsoft TAG Of the world’s 4 billion mobile phones in use, 1.08 billion (27%) are smartphones and 3.05 billion (75%) are SMS enabled. By 2014, mobile Internet should take over desktop Internet usage. 86% of mobile Internet users are using their devices while watching TV. 29% of mobile users areopen to scanning a mobile tag to get coupons. 91% of mobile Internet access is to socilize, compared to 79% on … [Read more...]

Double-Digit increases in Mobile Ad Spending Continues


Article Courtesy of: eMarketer Worldwide, More Money Goes Mobile Mobile search and display advertising up 220% in US alone Mobile ad spending around the world more than doubled last year, eMarketer estimates, and though growth will moderate this year, double-digit increases in mobile ad spending will continue in coming years as outlays approach $37 billion by 2016. In 2012, mobile spending was at $8.41 billion, according to eMarketer’s forecast—up from just over $4 billion the year … [Read more...]

The Plymouth Pass


Axiom - AppMatrix role out App for America's Hometown! Meet Matt O' Keefe  - Axiom National Sales Manager- In the Following article from Wicked Local Matt O'Keefe talks about The Plymouth Pass, Axiom and the future of mobile marketing for businesses. Axiom Mobile Technology National Sales Director Matt O’Keefe has announced that his company will soon release a new application for Smartphones – The Plymouth Pass. The app will help businesses market themselves and cross-market among … [Read more...]

Auto Industry Goes Mobile

Mobile Marketing Early Adopters

Mobile Applications Keep your Dealership with Customers Wherever they Go by Jim Fitzpatrick | Article Courtesy of:  Driving Sales Mobile applications are in massive use today, and projected to overtake desktops as a preferred method of connecting to the internet in the very near future. That’s according to multiple sources, including DudaMobile’s new infographic illustrating the Top Five Industries to Go Mobile on Mashable. The same infographic shows the automotive industry to be in the … [Read more...]

More Moving towards Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile Marketing Review_Mobile Marketing Channel Growth

Three-quarters of marketers without a mobile strategy have plans to develop one Worldwide, growth in the adoption of mobile devices is set to continue apace for the foreseeable future. So it makes sense, then, that marketers would be moving quickly to adapt to this new channel. But an April 2012 survey of business leaders worldwide by email marketing services provider Strongmail found that 55% of respondents were not currently using mobile as a marketing channel. Despite this, those … [Read more...]

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